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ATMP Corrosion Inhibitor, ATMP Antiscalant

Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid has outstanding chelation. The tolerance inhibition of ATMP antiscalant is normally low. And ATMP chemical steadiness is definitely great. ATMP corrosion inhibitor is a superb antiscalant and chelating chemical to a lot of metal ions like calcium, barium, Mg, Fe and then Plumbum. Particularly calcium carbonate.

Inside water program, ATMP corrosion inhibitor is not easy to hydrolyze and might change the lattice. In the higher focused program, ATMP can also be a good corrosion inhibitor.

CAS Number: 6419-19-8

Molecular Components: N(CH2PO3H2)3

Molecular Weight: 299.05

atmp corrosion inbihitor


The 3 important raw components for ATMP corrosion inhibitor are phosphorous acid, ammonium chloride, and formaldehyde. The first a couple are added towards the reactor and heated up and stirred until dissolved completely. And then, formaldehyde will be dropwise. Phosphorus acid can be via the hydrolysis of PCl3 or even the production of some other agents. Assuming chlorine content really needs to be lower than the normal specifications, the actual steam-heating time period is going to be extended.

ATMP antiscalant is required in industrial circulating cool water system of heat power factory and also oil and gas refinery plant. ATMP corrosion inhibitor is able to minimize scale growth and then inhibit oxidation of metal related equipment and pipeline. ATMP acid can be used as a real chelating chemical in woven and dyeing businesses and also as a good metal surface area treatment chemical.

Commonly, ATMP corrosion inhibitor is formulated along with organophosphonic acid or sodium, polycarboxylic acid or salt. ATMP solid as crystal powders may also be provided just for frosty places, specifically in the winter time. ATMP antiscalant is simple to dissolve. Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid is appropriate for application during winter and also very cold areas.


ItemsLiquid stateSolid state
Appearanceclear, colorless to pale yellowwhite crystal powder
Density (20℃), g/mL1.33-
Active Content, %≥ 50.0≥ 95.0
Boiling Point, °C-204-208
Melting Point, °C105-
Iron (with Fe2+) Content, mg/L≤ 10.0≤ 20.0
Chloride (as Cl-), %≤ 2.0≤ 1.0


ATMP corrosion inhibitor is mostly used combined with organophosphonic acid, polycarboxylic acid, and sodium in order to produce almost all organic alkaline water treatment chemicals. ATMP antiscalant is usually generally used in recirculated cooling water techniques for that power station, gasoline field, as well as central air-conditioning etc. ATMP antiscalant may also be used within the woven and dyeing industry. Just as antiscalant and chelating chemical, the ATMP actual suggested volume to use is 1 to 20 mg/l. This may rise to 20 – 60 mg/l can be used as the corrosion inhibitor.

Package and Storage:

Liquid: 200L plastic material drum, IBC (1000L), customers’ needs.

Solid: 25 kg/bag, customers’ needs.

Storage for 10 months inside a shady area and dry place.

The components in the water treatment agent are different. So the method of saving ATMP corrosion inhibitor is also different.

1. ATMP antiscalant can be stored for 10 months inside a shady area and dry place. It should be prevented from reacting with water.

2. Classified storage. Different functions and types of water treatment chemicals are placed in different places. Avoid confusion.

3. Stay away from flames. Prevent reactions.

These are some of the precautions to be aware of when storing ATMP corrosion inhibitor.

Basic safety Protection:

Acidity. Prevent contact with eyes and skin area. Once contacted, clean by using water.