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CAS Number List

CAS Number List

CAS number is also called CAS registry number. It is the only digital identification number for a chemical. These chemicals include compounds, polymers, biological sequences, mixtures, or alloys.

The Chemical Abstracts Service is responsible for assigning a CAS number to each chemical that appears in the literature. The Chemical Abstracts Service is an organization of the American Chemical Society. CAS Numbers are assigned to make searching easier. Because chemicals have many names. Searching by name can be a lot of trouble. Almost all chemical databases now allow retrieval with a CAS number.

In order to make it more convenient for customers to search for water treatment products, Shandong Yinuo water treatment Co., Ltd. has created this CAS index page. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

CAS Number IndexProduct NameMolecular Formula
cas 6419-19-8ATMP acidC3H12NO9P3
cas 2809-21-4HEDPC2H8O7P2
cas 1429-50-1EDTMPC6H20N2O12P4
cas 15827-60-8DTPMP, DETPMPC9H28N3O15P5
cas 37971-36-1PBTCC7H11O9P
cas 23783-26-8HPAAC2H5O6P
cas 23605-74-5HMDTMP, HDTMPC10H28N2O12P4
cas 34690-00-1BHMTPMPAC17H44N3O15P5
cas 2235-43-0ATMP Na5C3H7NNa5O9P3
cas 20592-85-2ATMP 4NaC3H7NNa4O6P2
cas 27794-93-0ATMP KxC3H7K4NO6P2
cas 29329-71-3HEDP NaC2H4Na4O7P2
cas 7414-83-7HEDP Na2C2H6Na2O7P2
cas 3794-83-0HEDP Na4C2H4Na4O7P2
cas 67953-76-8HEDP KxC2H4K4O7P2
cas 7651-99-2EDTMPS Na5C6H15N2O12P4.5Na
cas 68155-78-2DTPMPA Na7C9H21N3O15P5.7Na
cas 22042-96-2DTPMP NaC9H13N3Na20O30P10
cas 40372-66-5PBTC-4NaC7H7O9P.4Na
cas 53473-28-2HMDTMPA.K6C7H12N2O12P4.6K
cas 38820-59-6HDTMPA·K6C10H22N2O12P4.6K
cas 35657-77-3BHMTC17H44N3O15P5
cas 9003-01-4Poly(acrylic acid)C5H10O2
cas 9003-04-7PAAS(C3H3NaO2)n
cas 26099-09-2Polymaleic acid, HPMA(C4H404)n
cas 26677-99-6MA-AA C24H22O17X2
cas 40623-75-4AA-AMPSC10H17NO6S
cas 55719-33-0AA-HPA, IR-225((C6H10O3).(C3H4O2))x
cas 71050-62-9PCA, POCA(C3H4O2.H3O2P.Na)x
cas 51274-37-4PASPC4H5NO3(C4H4NO3M)m(C4H4NO3M)nC4H4NO3M2
cas 8001-54-5BKCC17H30ClN
cas 26172-55-4Isothiazolinone, CMIT/MITC4H4ClNOS
cas 4719-04-4Hexahydro-1 3 5-tris(hydroxyethyl)-s-triazineC9H21N3O3
cas 55566-30-8THPSC8H24O12P2S
cas 81741-28-8TTPCC26H56ClP
cas 10222-01-2DBNPAC3H2Br2N2O
cas 95-14-71H-BenzotriazoleC6H5N3
cas 15217-42-2Benzotriazole sodium saltC6H4N3Na
cas 149-30-42-Mercaptobenzothiazole, MBTC7H5NS2
cas 2492-26-4MBT.NaC7H4NNaS2
cas 64665-57-2Tolytriazole sodium saltC7H6N3Na
cas 29385-43-1TolyltriazoleC9H9N3
cas 497-18-7CarbohydrazideCH6N4O
cas 108-91-8CyclohexylamineC6H13N
cas 110-91-8MorpholineC4H9NO
cas 10217-52-4Hydrazinium hydroxideH4N2