After the export of tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphonium sulfate produced by our company to customers in Canada and Russia, they have feedback on the technical problems of THPS in the course of use. Below we analyze one by one. Question 1.The phenomenon of tetrakis hydroxymethyl phosphonium sulfate icing. For many customers, it is incredible to find […]

Scale inhibitor chemical is an important water treatment agent. It is mainly used for the chemical treatment of circulating water. Scale inhibitor chemicals are widely used chemicals in the water treatment industry. It prevents or interferes with deposition, scaling, etc. on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane in impurities. The pipeline is adequately protected. […]

Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor is a scale inhibitor specially designed for reverse osmosis (RO) system and nanofiltration (NF) and ultrafiltration (UF) systems. It can prevent fouling of the membrane surface, improve water production and water quality, and reduce operating costs. Reverse osmosis scale inhibitor characteristics. Effectively control inorganic scale formation in a large concentration range; […]

From the point of view of physicochemistry, the role of corrosion inhibitors can be divided into three types. Oxide film formation, precipitation film, and adsorption film. Therefore, corrosion inhibitors are also classified into oxide film type corrosion inhibitors, precipitation film type corrosion inhibitors, and adsorption film type corrosion inhibitors. 1. Oxide film type corrosion inhibitor […]

Corrosion of metals is primarily a result of battery reactions occurring on the metal surface. This is also the most important factor leading to corrosion. The battery reaction includes an anode reaction and a cathode reaction. If the corrosion inhibitor can inhibit the reaction, the corrosion rate of the metal will slow down. The corrosion […]

The problem of corrosion and microbial susceptibility poses a major hazard to industrial production in the water use of modern plants. Therefore, the circulating cooling water must be treated with water treatment chemicals. This will stabilize the water quality. And ensure the high efficiency of production and the safety of chemical equipment. The scale inhibitor […]

With the increase in population and the popularization of sewage treatment. The disposal of sludge is very important. Many scientists have conducted a series of studies on it. In particular, research on sludge composting and farmland treatment. The dewatering cake of the sewage treatment plant has high water content, high viscosity, and poor gas permeability. […]

The infiltration/electrodeionization (RO/EDI) integrated membrane technology is the latest generation of ultrapure water manufacturing technology that has rapidly developed and matured in recent years and has been used in large-scale industrial applications. It has gradually become the mainstream of pure water technology in the world. The infiltration/electrodeionization (RO/EDI) integrated membrane technology is the latest generation […]

HPMA is a green water treatment chemicals. It is easy to obtain and has a cheap price. Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride (HPMA) has excellent performance and wide application. HPMA scale inhibitor has the following advantages. (1) Both the lattice distortion and threshold effect. (2) It has the effect of dispersing calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate crystallites. […]

The uncontrolled discharge of industrial sewage and domestic wastewater has caused serious pollution to water resources. People are paying more and more attention to water resources and environmental issues. Sewage treatment has become a top priority. IRO Water focuses on the development of water treatment chemicals. This plays an extremely important role in saving water […]