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EDTMP Corrosion Inhibitor, EDTMP Antiscalant

CAS Number: 1429-50-1

Molecular Components: C6H20N2O12P4

Molecular Mass: 436.13

Structural Formula:

EDTMP corrosion inhibitor


EDTMP corrosion inhibitor is normally white-colored crystal powder in room temps. It’s melting point is 215-217℃. EDTMP antiscalant is tough to be dissolved into water. The solubility is less than 5% at room temp. EDTMP is usually easy dissolved in ammonia. EDTMP acid has got good metal ion sequestering ability, which chelating constant along with cuprum ion is larger compared to EDTA.

EDTMPA antiscalant has got the good ability of sequesting metal ions. The complex continuous together with Cu is definitely the largest in all of the chelating agents including EDTA. EDTMPA is definitely a kind of high-pure grade reagent and also innocuous. The sequesting ability of EDTMP largely beat that of EDTA and also DTPA. In addition, EDTMP also can remove and replace EDTA for the chelating agent during nearly any condition.


AppearanceWhite crystal powder
Active acid, %96.0 Min.
Total phosphonic acid (as PO43-), %82.0 Min.
Moisture, %2.0 Max.
Fe, mg/L5 Max.
Chloride (Cl-), %0.1 Max.
pH (1% solution)2.0 Max.


EDTMPA can be applied as an anti-scaling and anti-corrosion agent in water treatment. EDTMP corrosion inhibitor is usually 3-5 times superior to that of inorganic polyphosphate. It is able to be applied just like a detergent in the semiconductor chip to make an integrated circuit.

EDTMP antiscalant also can be used as a carrying agent for radioelement in the medical industry. And EDTMPA can be used as an agent for inspection and therapy.

Package and Storage:

25kg/bag,customers’ requirement.Storage for one year in shady room and dry place.

EDTMP corrosion inhibitor is one of the fine chemical products. To ensure its performance, moisture should be avoided. Because EDTMP reacts quickly if they encounter moisture. So be sure to store it in a dry area. This is the most basic requirement.

Second, different water treatment agents are placed in different places. Also, some of the water treatment agents put together to produce a chemical reaction. And it is easy to make mistakes and cause a lot of trouble.

Since the EDTMP antiscalant should be kept dry, keep away from water sources. The last point is that since the drug contains organic substances, keep away from open flames and avoid reactions.