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EDTMPS Corrosion Inhibitor, EDTMPS Antiscalant

CAS No.: 1429-50-1

Molecular Formula: C6H12O12N2P4Na8

Molecular Mass: 612.13

Structural Formula:

EDTMPS corrosion inhibitor


EDTMPS corrosion inhibitor is nitrogenous organic polyphosphonic acid. It is a section of cathodic corrosion inhibitor. EDTMPS corrosion inhibition is certainly 3~5 times superior to those of inorganic polyphosphate.

EDTMPS antiscalant can certainly be completely broke down inside water, innocuous and also zero pollution to surroundings. EDTMPS corrosion inhibitor has got nice chemical stableness as well as heat threshold. It displays fantastic scale inhibition power in temps 200℃.

EDTMPS antiscalant also can be separated into Eight positive-negative ions. As a result, EDTMPS is able to chelate with a lot of metal ions to develop polymer reticulation complex. That is able to destroy the normal crystallization of calcium mineral scale.

EDTMPS corrosion inhibitor displays much better antiscale benefits to calcium sulfate and also barium sulfate.


AppearanceClear yellow to umber transparent liquid
Active Component, %30 Min.
Organic phosphonic Acid (as PO43-) %10.0 Min.
Phosphorous Acid (as PO33-), %5.0 Max.
Phosphoric Acid (as PO43-),%1.0 Max.
Chloride (Cl-), %3.0 Max.
pH (1% water solution)9.5-10.5
Density (20℃), g/cm31.25 Min.


EDTMP Sodium also can be applied just as corrosion inhibitor within circulating cool water program and even heater water. This is a chelating chemical in non-cyanogen electroplating field. And EDTMPS antiscalant is also a water-softening chemical in printing & dyeing business.

While used by itself, 2~10mg/l is usually required. When made with HPMA by ratio ETDMPS: HPMA is 1:3, EDTMP Sodium can be helpful for the low-pressure boiler. EDTMPS corrosion inhibitor is also be combined with BTA, PAAS and zinc salt.

Package and Storage:

200L plastic-type drum,IBC(1000L),customers’ needs. Storage for 10 months inside the shady area and dry place.

EDTMPS is one of the fine chemical products. To ensure its performance, moisture should be avoided. Because some water treatment agents react quickly if they encounter moisture. So be sure to store EDTMPS antiscalant in a dry area. This is the most basic requirement.

Second, different water treatment agents are placed in different places. Also, some of the water treatment agents put together to produce a chemical reaction. And that is easy to make mistakes and cause a lot of trouble.

Since the stock of EDMPS should be kept dry, keep away from water sources. The last point is that since the drug contains organic substances, keep away from open flames and avoid reactions.