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Hydrazine hydrate

Molecular Formula H4N2.H2O
Molecular Weight 50.06
CAS Registry Number 10217-52-4

Colorless transparent liquid
N2H4. H2O %
80.0 min
55.0 min
N2H4 %
51.2 min
35.2 min
Non-volatile Matter %
0.09 max
Fe %
0.0005 max
0.009 max
Pb %
0.0005 max
0.002 max

Chloride %
0.003 max
0.03 max
0.002 max
0.005 max
PH(1% water solution)10-11

TOC (mg/L)
5 max


It could mix with water and ethanol in any proportion, not soluble in chloroform and either, Once it meet with carbon dioxide in the air can produce white smoke.
With a weak alkaline and strong reduction, reacts with the acid and it could be combustion by oxidant, It could be used as Pharmaceutical intermediates, manufacturing high-purity metals, synthetic fibers, dyes, ADC foaming agent of raw materials, high-pressure boiler oxygen scavenger, reducing agent.


Polyethylene plastic drum, net weight 200kg.

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Hidrato de Hidrazina