In the production process of triazine UV absorbers, the production of intermediates is the key part, which determines the production capacity of the corresponding products. The specific process is as follows. 1. The synthesis process of UV-1164, UV-400 and UV-405. The synthesis process of UV-1164, UV-400 and UV-405 is shown in Figure 1. The synthesis […]

At present, the UV absorbers used in polymer materials mainly include benzotriazoles, benzophenones, salicylates and triazines. Among them, the amount of benzotriazole UV absorbers is the largest and the application range is the widest. Compared with benzotriazole UV absorbers, triazine UV absorbers are the latest class of products. These products have the advantages of high […]

By means of nuclear magnetic resonance carbon spectroscopy and phosphorus spectroscopy structure identification. And combined with physical and chemical index analysis. A quality assessment method applicable to the water treatment agent PBTCA was proposed. PBTCA has excellent resistance to calcium carbonate scale and zinc stabilization performance. It has the advantages of stable structure, low phosphorus […]

The corrosion inhibition performance, corrosion inhibition efficiency, thermal stability, and chlorine resistance of tolyltriazole and benzotriazole were compared under different pH conditions. The experimental results showed that tolyltriazole has better corrosion inhibition, thermal stability, and chlorine resistance than benzotriazole. It can replace benzotriazole in the automotive industry and water treatment industry. Benzenetriazole, molecular formula C6H5N3, […]

In the 1970s, American geologists drilling in the ocean discovered what looked like ordinary dry ice. When it was salvaged from the ocean floor, the “ice” quickly became bubbling mud and water. And those bubbles were accidentally ignited, and these bubbles are methane. According to the research, these grayish-white substances, like dry ice, are solid […]

Hot Glue is a kind of adhesive with plasticity. Its physical state can change with temperature within a certain temperature range, while its chemical properties remain unchanged. Hot glue is non-toxic and odorless. It is an environment-friend chemical product. Because Hot Glue is solid, it is easy to pack, transport and store. Hot Glue is […]

Abstract: A method for synthesizing a polyacrylic acid zinc complex in a redox initiation system by aqueous solution polymerization. Its solubility in water, ammonia, and ammonia/water mixtures was tested. It was found to be insoluble in water but soluble in ammonia and ammonia/water mixtures. The experimenters tested the contact angle of the solution on various […]

Wood Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals Wood boiler water treatment chemicals are mainly used in outdoor wood boilers. The outdoor wood boiler needs water to exchange and pass the heat. The heated water is generally circulated through insulated underground lines to a heating load, where the heat can be transferred from the water to various heat […]

So what is polyacrylic? Polyacrylic is a high-molecular-weight composite of acryl and polyacrylamide, usually derived from a polyacrylamide gel. The IUPAC name for polyacrylamide is poly | acrylamide gel. They can also be homologs of acrylamide or substituted with an allyl ester of monomeric polymer, allylene, or propylene glycol. Polyacrylic is thermoplastic, meaning that it […]

When is the last time you were shopping for products such as where to buy sodium polyacrylate from? If you are like most people, you will never run across this type of product in any store. If you run across it though, you may find yourself spending an exorbitant amount on the product. Polyacrylate, any […]