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PAPEMP corrosion inhibitor, PAPEMP antiscalant

Molecular Mass: around 600

Structural Formulation:

PAPEMP corrosion inhibitor


PAPEMP corrosion inhibitor works excellently within the condition of high hardness and also pH in the form of new antiscalant as well as corrosion inhibitor. Along with high calcium mineral tolerance, PAPEMP antiscalant power can also be great, extremely for CaCO3, CaPO4, and then CaSO4. In addition, it safely and effectively control Si scale from the development and strengthen the actual ions. For example Mn, and also Fe to generate chelating materials.

PAPEMP have also the nice ability to tolerate high temp, high turbidity, high salt content level, and high chlorine (Cl and Br) concentration. It is sometimes developed with a polycarboxylic acid. It can be utilized just as scale and also corrosion inhibitor in circulating cool water program and oilfield refill water system in conditions of high hardness, high alkali, and high pH value.

PAPEMP antiscalant also can be applied just as a good scale inhibitor just for ro system and also multistep flash vaporization technique.

PAPEMP corrosion inhibitor manufacturing procedure contains Four steps.

Phosphorus acid is usually put in to the reactor and the pH is normally modified by just HCl.

Polyetheramine is normally instilled and also the reaction begins while reactor is heated up.

Formaldehyde is actually put into some hours later.

This reactor is going to be additional heated up and steamed for further hrs.


AppearanceAmber transparent liquid
Active component %40.0 min
Phosphorous acid (as PO43-)%1.0 max
Density (20℃) g/cm31.20 ± 0.05
pH (1% solution)2.0 ± 0.5


The nice adaption to several condition allows PAPEMP commonly used in boiler, cooling water system and oilfield reinjection water as antiscalant and corrosion inhibitor. Just for exactly the same purpose, PAPEMP can also be used for RO and also multistep flash system. Suggest amount to use is usually 5-100ml/L. Different from some other organophosphonates, there is absolutely no perfect quantity for it. Larger the dosage, better the effects.

In addition, PAPEMP corrosion inhibitor functions as a nutrient absorber in farming. Additionally, it may substitute all those higher priced colour transfer inhibitor (such as. yellow turnback inhibitor) .Just like EDTA, NTA and even DTPA during textile dyeing.

Packing and storing:

200L plastic material drum, IBC (1000L), customers’ needs.

PAPEMP belongs to fine chemical products. To ensure its performance, moisture should be avoided. Because PAPEMP corrosion inhibitor react quickly if they encounter moisture. So be sure to store it in a dry area. This is the most basic requirement.

Second, different water treatment chemicals are placed in different places. Also some of the water treatment agents put together to produce a chemical reaction. And that is easy to make mistakes and cause a lot of trouble.

Since the stock of PAPEMP antiscalant should be kept dry, keep away from water sources. The last point is that since the drug contains organic substances, keep away from open flames and avoid reactions.

Transport Information: