Hydrazine Hydrate

Molecular Formula: H4N2.H2O

Molecular Weight: 50.06

CAS No.: 10217-52-4

Structural Formula:

Hydrazine Hydrate


AppearanceColorless transparent liquid
N2H4. H2O, %80.0 Min.55.0 Min.
N2H4, %51.2 Min.35.2 Min.
Non-volatile Matter, %0.02 Max.0.09 Max.
Fe, %0.0005 Max.0.009 Max.
Pb, %0.0005 Max.0.002 Max.
Chloride, %0.003 Max.0.03 Max.
SO42-, %0.002 Max.0.005 Max.
pH (1% water solution)10~1110~11
TOC, mg/L5 Max.5 Max.


It could mix with water and ethanol in any proportion, not soluble in chloroform and either, Once it meets with carbon dioxide in the air can produce white smoke.

With a weak alkaline and strong reduction, reacts with the acid and it could be combustion by oxidant, It could be used as pharmaceutical intermediates, manufacturing high-purity metals, synthetic fibers, dyes, ADC foaming agent of raw materials, high-pressure boiler oxygen scavenger, reducing agent.


Polyethylene plastic drum, net weight 200kg.