TTPC, TTPC Biocide


TTPC is an innovative non-oxidizing biocide. It is used for industrial water systems. A good cleaning features and TTPC biocide. Excellent bactericidal activity, high surface activity, and low foaming properties.

Thus, TTPC is a highly effective, synergistic biocide and bio-dispersant in cooling water systems and industrial process waters. (Equivalent to BWA Bellacide 350)

Molecular Formula:


Molecular Weight:


CAS No.:



AppearanceColorless to light yellow liquid
Active content, %48~52
Specific gravity (20℃), g/cm30.95~1.00
Solubility in waterCompletely soluble
Boiling point (760mm Hg)100 ℃
Flash pointNon-flammable


TTPC has an excellent effect on biofouling control and reduces usage costs significantly.

Compared with traditional non-oxidizing biocides like isothiazolinone, TTPC is four times more effective in biofilm removal. This low-concentrated biocide is effective enough against most biological races.

For customers with high consciousness in performance, TTPC biocide not only effectively prevents microbiological slimes but also cleans heavily fouled systems.

TTPC is widely used in industrial circulating cooling water systems, oilfield water injection systems, paper pulp and water systems, condensate systems, industrial cleaning water systems, marine mollusks, and other industrial waters. Microbial killing, inhibition of microbial growth, and biofouling treatment.

With good compatibility, tetrakis(hydroxymethyl) phosphonium chloride can work with other water treatment additives commonly found in the water system. It is also not affected by pH in the system and not degraded by ultraviolet light.


190kg plastic drum or 950kg IBC.

200L plastic drum 1000L IBC


Tributyl Tetradecyl Phosphonium Chloride; Tetradecyl TributylPhosphonium Chloride, BWA Bellacide 350.