There are many polyaspartic acid manufacturers and suppliers on Google. Some of them are trading companies, and some are real manufacturers. They are also under the banner of manufacturers and have also done “factory field certification”.

This is also the case in many B2B yellow pages. Therefore, the business license says that the manufacturer may be fake. Manufacturers who have done on-site certification are not necessarily true. This post mainly explains how to identify whether it is a real poly aspartic acid manufacturers. The content is only for reference.

Step 1: Search on Google.

search on google

After entering the website, you should first look at the company file. The “about us” page contains the business scope, business address, and registered address. If the business address column is the address of an industrial park, it is usually a factory. But many factories have offices in different places. It is impossible to distinguish which x suppliers are factories and which are not factories only by this step.

Step 2: Send an email.

send an email

If you still feel uneasy after reading the first step, you can find the email address on the “contact us” page. Send an email to confirm. The content of the email should include the following points.

1. Ask the price first and see the quotation reply speed. If the product in the inquiry is their main and is not particularly difficult to make, the factory salesman can estimate a price within 24 hours. If the salesman needs 3-4 working days to reply to you, then this polyaspartic acid supplier is likely to be a trading company.

2. Look at the product price. If the prices given by polyaspartic acid manufacturers in the same area are not very different. But there is a quotation that is 3-4 times higher, so this company is probably not a factory.

3. Ask about proofing and delivery. In general, the sampling time of the main product is 3-5 days in the low season and 5-7 days in the busy season. If the time required for proofing is too long, such as a month, then it should be noted that this polyaspartic acid manufacturer is probably not a factory.

In fact, you should know about the second step. If you are not sure, then go to the third step.

Step 3: Make a direct call.

make a call

Don’t call the salesman’s phone directly when you make a call. Instead, you should dial the landline directly. If there is no landline number, only the mobile number. Then this polyaspartic acid manufacturer may be a trading company.

After the salesman connects the phone, you can explain your intention. Then tell him or her that you are still satisfied with the price and want to take the time to visit the factory. If this supplier is a trading company, he or she will tell you what office they are in. But most of the factories are in industrial parks. If the salesman sends you an office address instead of an industrial park, I think you can make a judgment.


Customers buying polyaspartic acid is more concerned about the quality of the product in many cases. As long as the price meets the requirements, it is the best. There is no need to struggle with whether it is a factory or a trader who manufactures and supplies poly aspartic acid.