The standard amount of corrosion and scale inhibitor is sufficient for its best application. So what is the amount of corrosion and scale inhibitor? How should customers use it? The answer is in the article.

The Amount of Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor EDTMPS

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The use of EDTMPS should be based on the hardness of the boiler feedwater. Generally, this water treatment chemical can be used according to the following requirements.

1. The supplied water hardness is < 2mmol/L, and 100 grams of EDMPTS is added per ton of water.

2. For every 2 mmol/L increase in water hardness, the EDTMPS dosage increased by 85 grams per ton of water.

3. If you do not know the hardness of the water. It is advisable to add more according to the above principles.

There are two ways to add boiler corrosion and scale inhibitors.

One is a boiler with a water tank or pool but no economizer. This allows the medicine to be added directly to the tank or pool. The chemical is then sent to the furnace with the water supply system.

The other is to use the medicated funnel to directly pour the chemical into the furnace.

Dissolve the drug with 60-70 °C hot water before dosing. Intermittent dosing can be used after filtration. That is to add once per shift. You can also add enough in one dose. After the addition of a chemical, attention should be paid to controlling the boiler water index. The pH is between 10-12 and the total alkalinity is 6-26 mmol/L.

At the same time, the discharge rate of regular sewage discharge is generally between 5-10%. At least once per shift. Not more than 30-60 seconds each time.

If there is no change in water level after discharge. The staff should check if the falling scale is blocking the pipeline. If the pipeline is blocked, workers should take timely measures.

Different brands and different specifications of corrosion and scale inhibitors are used slightly differently. Users should add as appropriate according to the actual situation. To ensure the reliable effect of corrosion and scale inhibitors.

What Should Be Paid Attention to During the Use of Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors?

Corrosion and scale inhibitors have high-temperature resistance and water resistance. Staff should also be aware of some precautions for corrosion and scale inhibitors before using the product.

First, if you inadvertently inhale the corrosion and scale inhibitor. Especially for some people with short-sightedness, it is necessary to transfer to fresh air in time. And given oxygen therapy. If the symptoms of the victim continue to develop malignantly, they should go to the hospital immediately.

Second, if the skin is contacted with corrosion inhibitors. If there is any abnormality in the contact person, the contaminated clothing should be taken off, the shoes should be taken off, and a large amount of tap water should be used for washing.

After the eye has been exposed to the corrosion and scale inhibitor, it should be cleaned with clean, flowing water. At least 15 minutes of cleaning time is required. For some people with deteriorating eyes, it is necessary to take off the contact lenses in time and give them medical care.

If you accidentally eat corrosion and scale inhibitors, do not use vomiting drugs without giving them anything.