AA/AMPS Terpolymer, AA/AMPS/HPA Terpolymer

Chemical Composition:

Acrylic Acid, 2-Acrylamido-2-Methylpropane Sulfonic Acid, Hydroxypropyl Acrylate.

Structure Formula:

AA/AMPS/HPA terpolymer


AA/AMPS/HPA terpolymer is a new type of scale inhibitor and dispersant. It contains a variety of functional groups. This AA/AMPS terpolymer is a kind of polyelectrolyte. The molecular chain of this product contains strong acid, weak acid, and non-ionic groups. The terpolymer has high calcium tolerance under the conditions of high temperature, high pH, high hardness, and high alkali.

AA/AMPS/HPA terpolymer has excellent scale inhibition performance on silica, silicate, magnesium salt, and phosphate. This terpolymer also has excellent inhibition and dispersion performance on iron, zinc metal oxides, and sediment inorganic compound. In general, it can replace IR-225 and some conventional sulfonic acid copolymers.

AA/AMPS terpolymer has good compatibility with common water treatment chemicals. Such as polyphosphate, zinc salt, and organic phosphonate. Especially, it can be compounded with zinc salt in a large dosage, which can improve the corrosion inhibition rate of carbon steel.

AA/AMPS/HPA terpolymer is used as a scale inhibitor and dispersant in industrial circulating cooling water treatment. Its outstanding advantage is not affected by the presence of metal ions in water. AA/AMPS/HPA terpolymer has a good effect on phosphate scale. It can effectively disperse particles and stabilize metal ions and organic phosphoric acid.

Because copolymers contain sulfonic acid groups, this product can effectively prevent insoluble calcium gel produced by copolymers and ions in water. The terpolymer containing amps has excellent dispersibility to iron oxide. Especially in neutral or alkaline water treatment formulations. AA/AMPS terpolymer has a certain inhibition effect and synergism with inhibitor.


HG/T 3642-1999

ApperanceColorless to yellowish transparent liquid
Solid content, %≥ 30.0
pH value (1% aqueous solution)≤ 2.5
Density (20 ℃), g·cm-3≥ 1.05
Limit viscosity (30 ℃), dl/g0.055~0.100
Free monomer (calculated by AA), %≤ 0.5


The normal dosage of AA/AMPS/HPA terpolymer scale inhibitor and dispersant is 10-30 mg/L. The specific dosage depends on different water quality conditions. This product can be used with zinc salt and organic phosphonic acid (salt). The suitable pH value is 7.0-9.5. When used as dispersive iron oxide, the dosage is generally 80-100 mg/L. For specific applications, the amount of addition depends on the actual test.

Packing and storage:

It’s packed in plastic drums. 25kg, 200kg, or 1000kg per barrel (can be determined as required).

25kg plastic barrel 200L plastic drum

The storage period is 10 months.

Safety protection:

AA/AMPS terpolymer is a weak acid. Pay attention to labor protection during operation. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash immediately with plenty of water.

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