HPAA Corrosion Inhibitor, HPAA Antiscalant

The actual major HPAA corrosion inhibitor manufacturing way is just as adhere to.

Phosphorus acid solution reacts together with glyoxylic at 100-110¡æ just for Four to Ten hrs. And after that the input water to prep HPAA aqueous solution.

This particular reaction can certainly be one-step in advance and then begins coming from PCl3 hydrolysis. Some study is generally researching to make use of microwave irradiation to switch heating procedure just for lowering the energy consumption and also reaction time period.

CAS Number: 23783-26-8

Molecular Components: C2H5O6P

Molecular Mass: 156

Structural Formula:



HPAA antiscalant is usually chemical stable. And it is difficult to be hydrolyzed. HPAA corrosion inhibitor is also not easy to be broken by acid or alkali. HPAA is definitely safety being used. zero toxicity and no polluting of the environment. HPAA is able to enhance zinc solubility.

HPAA corrosion inhibitor has got outstanding efficiency compared to those commonly applied phosphonates. Just like HEDP and EDTMP. In some cases, HPAA antiscalant can also remove and replace molybdate as well as its derivatives. The excellent performance with low concentration enables HPAA typically applied at level.

HPAA corrosion inhibitor is usually water soluble and also can grow Zn solubility. Its effect could be additional increased when put together with Zn salts or even polymer.


AppearanceDark amber transparent liquid
Solid Content, %50.0 Min.
pH (1% solution)3.0 Max.
Density (20℃), g/cm31.30 Min.


HPAA is primarily applied as a cathode corrosion inhibitor in the actual oilfield re-fill water process inside industries. for instance metal & steel, petrochemical, electric power factory, and also medical-related fields. When built together with a zinc salt, the effect is usually really better.

Just as a corrosion inhibitor, HPAA corrosion inhibitor is primarily used in cooling water and industrial water system of oilfield, petrochemical plant and power plant. Additionally, it is applied for the purpose of metal surface area treatment in steel.

Package and Storage:

200L plastic material drum, IBC (1000L), customers’ needs. Storage just for 1 year inside a shady area and dry place.

HPAA antiscalant is one of the fine chemical products. To ensure its performance, moisture should be avoided. Because some water treatment agents react quickly if they encounter moisture. So be sure to store it in a dry area. This is the most basic requirement.

Second, different water treatment agents are placed in different places. Also, some of the water treatment agents put together to produce a chemical reaction. And it is easy to make mistakes and cause a lot of trouble.

Since the stock of water treatment chemicals should be kept dry, keep away from water sources. The last point is that since the drug contains organic substances, keep away from open flames and avoid reactions.

Transportation Information:

Corrosive. IMO class 8, UN 3265