HEDP 60%, HEDP Acid

HEDP is mainly produced by a reaction of Phosphorus Trichloride (PCl3) and Glacious Acetic Acid (CH3COOH) in the tertiary amine. Besides, some plants also use another continuous process to synthesize HEDP by Phosphorous Trichloride (PCl3) and Acetyl chloride (CH3COCl).

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HEDP 60%


HEDP 60 is an excellent corrosion inhibitor and antiscalant. HEDP 60% can dissolve the oxidized materials on these metals’ surfaces. It shows the excellent scale and corrosion inhibition effects under a temperature of 250℃.

Under high pH value and 250℃, HEDP 60% shows good chemical stability. It is difficult to be decomposed by normal light and heat conditions. Its acid, alkali, and chlorine oxidation tolerance is better than most other organophosphates.

HEDP can react with metal ions in the water system to form a Hexa-element chelating complex. It can chelate with Ba, Pb, Fe, Zn, Cu, and especially Ca ions. Therefore, HEDP 60 has good antiscale and visible threshold effects. HEDP will dissolve the oxidate on these metal surfaces. Synergy will be achieved when HEDP is built with other WT chemicals, usually polycarboxylic acid.

Besides liquid, HEDP solid is offered in crystal powder for freezing regions, especially in winter. Furthermore, because HEDP solid is a high purity, it can be used as a cleaning agent in electronic fields and as an additive in daily chemicals.


AppearanceClear, colorless to pale yellow aqueous solutionWhite crystal powder
Active content (HEDP), %58.0~62.090.0 Min.
Phosphorous acid (as PO33-), %2.0 Max.0.8 Max
Phosphoric acid (asPO43- ), %0.8 Max.0.5 Max.
Chloride (as Cl), %0.01 Max.0.01 Max.
pH (1% solution)2.0 Max.2.0 Max.
Density (20℃), g/cm31.40 Min.
Fe, mg/L10.0 Max.5.0 Max.
Colour APHA (Hazen)40.0 Max.


HEDP 60 is used for scale and corrosion inhibition in circulating cool water systems, oil fields, and low-pressure boilers in fields. HEDP is widely used in power stations, oil fields, chemical plants, metallurgic plants for cooling water systems, and boilers as a scale inhibitor with a preferred dosage of 1~10 mg/L (antiscalant) and 10~50 mg/L (corrosion inhibitor).

HEDP is a metal and nonmetal detergent in the daily chemical industry. The dosage is usually 1000~2000 mg/L. It is also a peroxide stabilizer and dye-fixing agent in the dyeing industry.

Usually, HEDP acid chemicals are used together with polycarboxylic acid.

HEDP is widely used in power stations, oil fields, chemical plants, metallurgic plants for cooling water systems, and boilers as a scale inhibitor with preferred dosages 1~10 mg/L (antiscalant) and 10~50 mg/L (corrosion inhibitor).

Packing and Storage:

Liquid: 200L plastic drum, IBC (1000L), customers’ requirement.

200L plastic drum 1000L IBC

Solid: 25 kg/bag, customers’ requirement.

weaved plastic bag

Storage for ten months in a shady room and dry place.

Safety Protection:

Acidity, avoid contact with eyes and skin. Once contacted, flush with water. IMO class 8, UN 3265.


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