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Partially Neutralized Sodium Salt of Bis Hexamethylene Triamine Pentamethylene Phosphonic Acid, (BHMTPH•PN(Nax))


BHMTPH•PN is an effective scale inhibitor for carbonate and sulfate scale. Bishexamethylene triamine pentamethylene phosphonic acid is water-soluble and has good heat tolerance in the wide range of pH and 120°C. BHMTPH•PN(Nax) has high calcium ion tolerance.

CAS No.: 35657-77-3

Molecular Formula: C17H44-XO15N3P5Nax

Molecular Weight: 731


AppearanceDark brown liquid
Active component (as acid), %35.0-39.0
pH (1% water solution)2.5-4.5
Density (20°C), g/cm31.21-1.31
Fe, mg/L65 Max.


This product can be used as scale and corrosion inhibitor for oilfield water, industrial circulating cool water and boiler.

Package and Storage:

200L plastic drum, IBC (1000L), customers’ requirements. Storage for ten months in a shady room and dry place.

Safety and Protection:

Acidity. Avoid contact with eye and skin. Once contacted, flush with water.