IR-261 Acid Alkali Detergent For RO Membrane


IR-261 acid-alkali detergent for the RO membrane. The operation stability of the RO system is determined by the pretreatment of the original water quality. For any RO system, after 3 to 12 months, it should be polluted, thus the chemical cleaning is required. IR-261 is an alkali detergent designed for the removal of oil, organic substances and bio-mucosa. It has the following properties.

  1. Suitable for all aromatic polyamide and acetate acid membranes.
  2. Effectively remove oil, organic substances and bio-mucosa from the membrane surface.
  3. The temperature increased, the effect will be better.
  4. Diluent pH 10.5±0.5
  5. Liquid chemicals, mix well.
  6. It can be used repeatedly.

IR-261 is an alkali liquid formula, it can remove oil, organic substances, and bio-mucosa.

Dosage: Dilute to 1-3% (1:45)


AppearanceAmber clear liquid
pH Value (1% water solution)10.0~11.0
Density (20°C), g/cm31.10±0.05


  1. Check the water box, pipeline, and filter. Change the filter material if needed.
  2. Input q.v. RO effluence to the water box.
  3. Input q.v. IR-261 acid-alkali detergent for RO membrane to water box, mix the solution with water pump, measure pH.
  4. Clean the system repeatedly. Measure pH 5-20 minutes. After pH rise to 4, input q.v. IR-261 or acid. Until pH does not rise, meaning cleaning is the end.
  5. If pollution is serious, sometimes the first batch detergent should be evacuated and the next batch should be required.
  6. Pay attention to solution temperature, don’t exceed the required temperature.

Packing and storage:

25kg per barrel.

25kg plastic barrel

Storage temperature not lower than -5°C.

Safety and Protection:

Alkaline. Avoid contact with eye and skin. Once contacted, flush with water.