Poly (QuaterNary Ammonium) Salt


Poly (quaternary ammonium) salt is a cationic high molecular weight polymer. It has good water solubility. Moreover, Poly (quaternary ammonium) salt belongs to a non-oxidative bactericide. It has the properties of an algae disinfector and fungicide with a wide range and high efficiency.

Poly (quaternary ammonium) salt can inhibit algae propagation and sludge growth. It has a good sludge-stripping effect. Also, poly (quaternary ammonium) salt has dispersing, penetration, de-oiling, deodorization, and corrosion inhibition properties.

This product is widely used as a bactericide in the circulating cooling system in fields such as petroleum, chemical industry, and electronic power. In addition, in printing and dyeing, this product can be used as an anti-mildew, softening, antistatic, emulsifier, amendment, surfactant, etc.


AppearanceLight yellow liquidColor or light yellow liquid
Solid content, %40 Min.20 Min.
Ammonium content, %5.0 Max.5.0 Max.
pH (1% water solution)5.0~7.05.0~7.0
Density(20°C)g/cm31.04 Min.1.02 Min.


As a non-oxidative bactericide, the dosage of 10~30 mg/L is preferred. As a sludge stripper, the dosage of 50~200 mg/L is preferred. No blend with an anionic surfactant.

Packing and storage:

200L plastic drum, IBC(1000L). Also, as customers’ requirements.

200L plastic drum 1000L IBC

Storage for two years in a shady room and dry place. Avoid contacting with strong oxidant, ferric, copper, or aluminum materials.

Safety Protection:

No obvious stimulation to skin. Avoid contact with strong oxidant, ferric, copper, or aluminum materials.