Poly (QuaterNary Ammonium) Salt


Poly (quaternary ammonium) salt is a kind of cationic high molecular weight polymer. It has good water solubility. Poly (quaternary ammonium) salt belongs to non-oxidative bactericide. It has the properties of algae disinfector and fungicide with the advantage of wide range and high efficiency.

Poly (quaternary ammonium) salt can effectively inhibit algae propagation and sludge growth. It has good sludge stripping effect. Also, poly (quaternary ammonium) salt has properties of dispersing, penetration, de-oiling, deodorization, and corrosion inhibition.

This product is widely used as a bactericide in the circulating cooling system in fields. Such as petroleum, chemical industry, and electronic power. In fields of printing and dyeing, this product can be used as anti-mildew agent, softening agent, antistatic agent, emulsifier, amendment, surfactant, etc.


AppearanceLight yellow liquidColor or light yellow liquid
Solid content, %40 Min.20 Min.
Ammonium content, %5.0 Max.5.0 Max.
pH (1% water solution)5.0~7.05.0~7.0
Density(20°C)g/cm31.04 Min.1.02 Min.


As non-oxidative bactericide, the dosage of 10-30 mg/L is preferred. As sludge stripper, the dosage of 50-200 mg/L is preferred. No blend with anionic surfactant.

Packing and storage:

200L plastic drum, IBC(1000L). Also as customers’ requirements.

200L plastic drum 1000L IBC

Storage for two years in a shady room and dry place. Avoid contacting with strong oxidant, ferric, copper or aluminum materials.

Safety Protection:

No obvious stimulation to skin. Avoid contacting with eye and skin. Once contacted, flush it with water.