Polycarboxylic Acid Concrete Superplasticizer (IR-928)


Polycarboxylic acid concrete superplasticizer is a concrete superplasticizer with good comprehensive properties and a good perspective. It is a composite admixture of polycarboxylate copolymers and other auxiliaries.

Compared with similar products, the polycarboxylic acid concrete superplasticizer is better in its performance and performance/cost ratio.

Low dosage and high range of water reduction efficiency. The water reduction efficiency of this superplasticizer can be up to 45%;

High slump-retaining ability. This concrete superplasticizer can cause less than 5% slump loss in one hour and less than 10% in two hours;

High compressive strengths. The polycarboxylic acid concrete superplasticizer can increase the compressive strengths of concrete by 50%~110% in 3 days, 40%~80% in 28 days, and 30%~60% in 90 days;

Excellent workability. High ability against bleeding or segregation, low resistance, and easy for pumping;

Suitable bubble content, no bad influence on the concrete modulus of elasticity, good freeze resistance;

Less than 0.2% alkali content;

Nontoxic, no formaldehyde, and no pollution;

Stable performance, no delamination, and no sedimentation for a long storage period, no crystallization in low temperature;

High compatibility, compatible with many cement types and mineral admixtures, particularly fit for high durability and self-compacting concrete.


Appearancelight brown liquid
Density (20℃), g/mL1.09±0.02
Solid content, %20±1
Cement paste fluidity (cement base), mm250 (W/C=0.29)
Chloride, %0.02 Max.
pH value(1% water solution)1.5~2.0
Alkali (Na2O+0.658K2O), %0.2 Max.


The dosage is 0.4%~2.0% of the cementitious materials by weight, normally 0.4%~1.2%. Do concrete mixture tests beforehand;

No mixture with a naphthalene-based superplasticizer. Compatibility tests should be conducted beforehand when mixed with other auxiliaries;

Slump retention is sensitive to water, so the water content should be strictly controlled;

A concrete cure of Polycarboxylic acid water-reducing agents should be paid attention to.


The polycarboxylic acid concrete superplasticizer is suitable for pumping or normal engineering of C15~C60, particularly for engineering with high durability, fluidity, strong slump retention ability, and aesthetic appearance. In addition, this superplasticizer is a better choice for high fluidity, self-compacting, and water reducing.

Packing and Storage:

The polycarboxylic acid concrete superplasticizer is liquid status, packed in a barrel.

200L plastic drum

Storage for one year in a dry and shady place, avoiding frost.