Bis(hexamethylene triamine penta (methylene phosphonic acid)) is a dark amber liquid chemical. It’s stable under high temperatures up to 120°C and a wide pH range. It has good solubility in water. A 1% solution in water has a 2 pH value. The chemical compound finds wider applications in industrial water treatment processes.

Being a highly efficient chelating agent, BHMTPMPA (short form) is a good scale inhibitor. Scaling is the process by which impurities in water. They are mainly carbonates, and sulfates, deposit on metal/plastic surfaces. This chelating agent prevents scaling by “holding” the carbonates and sulfates in solution. Therefore preventing them from depositing on the waterside surfaces of pipework.

Use of BHMTPMPA in Boiler Water Treatment

BHMTPMPA in Boiler Water Treatment
The formation of scales in high-pressure boilers greatly reduces the efficiency of the boiler. This is because the scale is a poor conductor of heat. A lot of fuel will be required to generate enough heat to pass through the shale layer(s). This leads to higher production costs.

It may also cause the boiler tubes to overheat and melt. BHMTPMPA helps to prevent these scaling problems and extend the lifespan of the boiler. Continuous treatment of boiler water is necessary to maintain its efficiency.

Its chelating property renders the common scale causing substances inactive. Thus the scale is unable to deposit on pipes/ tube surfaces. BHMTPMPA also disperses suspended particles in water so that they don’t form bigger particles. Sludge conditioned this way can’t form scales. Sludge can be removed from the boiler through blowdown.

The advantage of BHMTPMPA is that with a small number of doses, it keeps the common scalants in solution. It’s an economical and highly effective method of treating industrial/ process water. It can also be used alongside other water treatment chemicals without interactions.

BHMTPMPA is also used as a corrosion inhibitor in boilers. Corrosion in boilers is caused by dissolved oxygen in the water. This leads to leaking of tubes.

Leaking tubes will have to be replaced. The maintenance costs of the boiler have to be increased. To prevent this type of corrosion, the oxygen has to be removed from the boiler water. BHMTPMPA works well as an oxygen scavenger to get rid of dissolved oxygen in the water. It also works well in the presence of phosphates, zinc, molybdates, and nitrates.

Use of BHMTPMPA in Circulating Cooling Water

BHMTPMPA in Circulating Cooling Water
Open or closed industrial recirculating cooling water systems rely on heat exchange efficiency to achieve its purpose. The scale in the system will reduce its efficiency. BHMTPMPA is added to the system water in small amounts to prevent the formation of scales.

Corrosion in cooling water systems is a problem as well. It leads to leakage of pipes and water losses. Proper water treatment chemical is necessary to inhibit corrosion. And BHMTPMPA is an effective corrosion inhibitor.

Use of BHMTPMPA in Oil Field Water Treatment

BHMTPMPA in Oil Field Water Treatment
Bis(hexamethylene triamine penta (methylene phosphonic acid)) is also used for the treatment of “produced water” in oil fields. The chelating property is made use of in this process. This helps in removing sulfur and other impurities before the water is recycled or disposed of safely.

Industrial uses of this chemical compound in water treatment are on the rise. The major factor to consider when looking for water treatment products is quality. Go for high-quality treatment solutions and it’ll help you maintain your treated systems well.

BHMTPMPA is manufactured by Shandong IRO Water Treatment Co. Ltd. This is an industry leader in the global production of water treatment chemicals.

IRO has over 15 years of experience in the business. It has earned a reputation for producing industrial water treatment chemicals for the world market. They’ve gained customer trust through the provision of high-quality chemical products.

If you’re a water treatment specialist BHMTPMPA is a product you should consider using. You can recommend its application to the various systems for your clients.

IRO specializes in the production of a wide range of water treatment products. These include polymers, phosphonates, and biocides, among other related products. With an annual production capacity of 45,000 MT, the company aims to satisfy growing demand.

If you’re looking for boiler, cooling water or oil field water treatment chemicals, BHMTPMPA could be the most suitable for your application. Its properties and multiple uses make it a good product formulation.