Scale inhibitor chemical is an important water treatment agent. It is mainly used for the chemical treatment of circulating water. Scale inhibitor chemicals are widely used chemicals in the water treatment industry. It prevents or interferes with deposition, scaling, etc. on the surface of the reverse osmosis membrane in impurities.

The pipeline is adequately protected. At the same time, its reverse osmosis performance can effectively reduce the number of reverse osmosis cleaning and maintenance. Achieve an extended service life. So what are the chemical components of the scale inhibitor?

scale inhibitor chemical
Scale inhibitors are a kind of chemical water treatment agent that plays an important role in the daily treatment of circulating water chemistry.

The main ingredient is phosphate. Commonly used is usually trisodium phosphate. A metal film called “pre-film” is generally formed with the metal on the surface of the pipe. This film protects the metal surface from deposits in the water.

Scale inhibitor chemicals are one of the important water treatment consumables in water treatment equipment. It helps to delay the fouling of the reverse osmosis membrane. At the same time, it can effectively extend the life of the reverse osmosis membrane. So why does the scale inhibitor have such an effect?

The scale inhibitor components mainly include some natural dispersants, phosphonic acids, phosphonic acids, and phosphonic sulfonic acids, and high molecular polymers. Most of the scale inhibitors and dispersants currently in use are high molecular polymers. They, therefore, disperse the poorly soluble inorganic salts in the water, preventing or interfering with the deposition of poorly soluble inorganic salts.

The new type of scale inhibitor uses dendrimer technology. And does not contain phosphorus. The globular structure of the branches not only improves the effect of dirt and scale inhibition but also overcomes the disadvantages of self-winding self-adhesion. At the same time, its unique structure also makes it strong.

The image said that the scale inhibitor is like the washing powder used in washing clothes. It adsorbs or changes the properties of the substance on the membrane. The film is not easily fouled and clogged. However, it does not pass through the membrane and does not damage the fouling of the membrane. There is no impact on the quality of the produced water.

The composition of the scale inhibitor has a great relationship with the use of the scale inhibitor. Therefore, how to choose a water treatment agent is a common knowledge that users must master.

Some scale inhibitor chemicals that we often use in our lives, such as tap water, heating pipes, solar water heaters, etc., use scale inhibitors for descaling.

The scale inhibitor chemical consists of a variety of products or a product, in the water treatment agent by EDTMPS, PBTCA, HPMA, HPAA, PAA, isothiazolinone, benzalkonium chloride, zinc salt (soluble zinc salt) and some special The material consists of a corrosion inhibitor.

In the water, these organic phosphorus and polymers act on inorganic insoluble in water. Blocking crystallization of insoluble (also called lattice distortion) These monomeric scale inhibitors are compounded to achieve synergy. More adaptable to industrial circulating water. The scale is dispersed and condensed and finally flows out with the discharged sewage.