With the development of our society and economy and the progress of industry, the exploitation of oil fields has been constantly strengthened, which leads to the continuous decrease of oil in the strata. So water injection is more extensively utilized in oilfield production and thus emerges the problem of oilfield produced water treatment. As effective […]

Bis(hexamethylene triamine penta (methylene phosphonic acid)) is a dark amber liquid chemical. It’s stable under high temperatures up to 120°C and a wide pH range. It has good solubility in water. A 1% solution in water has a 2 pH value. The chemical compound finds wider applications in industrial water treatment processes. Being a highly […]

In today’s world, competition among water treatment companies is gradually turning into the competition between supply chains. The water treatment chemicals supplier is the “head” of the entire supply chain. Water treatment chemical suppliers affect the profitability of downstream plants in terms of delivery and inventory levels. The quality and price of the products supplied […]

With the increase in population in Africa and the development of the economy, drinking water sources are seriously polluted. Nearly half of African countries have a drinking water supply rate of less than 50%. In most countries, health facilities are less than 50%, and in some countries less than 10%. The daily water consumption each […]

Water treatment is the process of improving water quality by means of physical, chemical or biological methods. The target of water treatment is the water that does not meet the quality requirements. The ways humans do water treatment has been for many years. The methods of water treatment include physical water treatment, chemical water treatment […]

Electric power has always been the main clean energy source for economic construction and urban development, and it has attracted much attention. At present, electric power is mostly generated by the combustion of fossil fuels except for a small number of other new energy sources. Therefore, the stable operation of large generator sets and related […]

IRO has been in the water treatment industry for 16 years. During this time, IRO developed from a small company to one of the famous brands of water treatment chemicals. We have established long-term relationships with clients all over the world. IRO also welcomes new clients to contact us. The definition of water treatment chemicals […]