HPMA is a green water treatment chemicals. It is easy to obtain and has a cheap price. Hydrolyzed polymaleic anhydride (HPMA) has excellent performance and wide application. HPMA scale inhibitor has the following advantages. (1) Both the lattice distortion and threshold effect. (2) It has the effect of dispersing calcium carbonate and calcium sulfate crystallites. […]

The uncontrolled discharge of industrial sewage and domestic wastewater has caused serious pollution to water resources. People are paying more and more attention to water resources and environmental issues. Sewage treatment has become a top priority. IRO Water focuses on the development of water treatment chemicals. This plays an extremely important role in saving water […]

The standard amount of corrosion and scale inhibitor is sufficient for its best application. So what is the amount of corrosion and scale inhibitor? How should customers use it? The answer is in the article. The Amount of Corrosion and Scale Inhibitor EDTMPS The use of EDTMPS should be based on the hardness of the […]

Scale inhibitors are a class of agents that maintain good operation of water treatment equipment. Such agents can disperse poorly soluble inorganic salts in water. It is also possible to prevent or interfere with the precipitation of poorly soluble inorganic salts on the metal surface. And it also has the function of decomposing scale. Reverse […]

1. Three basic water production methods 1.1 Use traditional clarification, filtration + ion communication methods The process is as follows: raw water– flocculation clarification tank–multi-media filter–activated carbon filter–cation communication bed–carbon dioxide fan–central water tank–anion communication bed–anion-cation communication bed–resin trap–unit water. 1.2 Select reverse osmosis + mixed bed water production method The process is as follows: […]

Water treatment in modern industrial production is a common problem. With the development of economic and industrial production technology, industrial-scale processing has received more and more attention from manufacturers. If the scale is not treated in time, it is easy to cause damage to industrial production equipment, which will affect the normal production schedule and […]

Polycarboxylate superplasticizer is a high-performance water reducing agent. It is a cement dispersant used in cement concrete applications. Polycarboxylate concrete superplasticizer is widely used in roads, bridges, dams, tunnels, high-rise buildings and other projects. This article mainly introduces the role and advantages of polycarboxylate superplasticizer. According to the structure of the polycarboxylic acid main chain, […]

The practice has shown that the use of water treatment chemicals is still the main method for the stable treatment of water quality. For systems with a constant hydration water source, the concentration factor should be strictly controlled. For systems that do not have a constant hydration water source or partially supplement weak acid softened […]

The scaling of circulating cooling water systems is a common problem encountered in industrial production. The scale can significantly reduce the efficiency of the heat exchange system. At present, the industry has adopted a method of adding a phosphorus-containing scale inhibitor to the cooling water system to prevent corrosion and scaling of the water pipe […]

Whether PBTCA belongs to an environmentally-friendly scale inhibitor or not, many customers have this question when purchasing. Today IRO will talk about PBTCA. Before determining whether PBTC acid is an environmentally friendly scale inhibitor, it is necessary to talk about the types of scale inhibitors. So far, the types of scale inhibitors that are widely […]